Friday, October 5, 2012

What the...? - And pulled from the archives.

Bink: "Mom.. Mooom.. MOM!!! HEY! LOOK AT ME!!" *serious face*... "It's a 7.. 4.. I SAID IT'S A SEVEN FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!" *glaring at me*

Me: O.O.... "but.. I don't know what that means."

Bink: *rageface*.. Lowers her voice and snarls "LOOK. AT. ME. IT'S A SEVEN. FOUR. A SIX. A SEVEN. FOUR. SEVEN. FOUR. SEVEN. FOUR. SEVEN. FOUR. SEVEN. FOUR. (repeat 1298423987234 times)"

Me. -_-
Why is it the kids are quiet and calm until I go into the bathroom.. Then bink starts kicking and hitting the door screaming and sobbing "MOMMY COME BAAAAACK! MOMMY!!! MOMMY!!!" Then Jordan starts knocking on the door saying "Mom! Bink is sitting on Figero!" (the cat) Then she flips her shit because Triston decides to play disciplinarian and puts her in her room for a "time out".. Then Jordan comes back to the door. "MOM! Triston's picking on Charleigh!!" Then Triston "No I'm NOT! I'm trying to teach her a lesson!!!" Then Charleigh "TRISTON DID IT MOM!!! TRISTON DID IT!!!! MOMMY!!! MOM!!! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!"

When I walked out of the room Bink was sitting at the table sipping apple cider and singing quietly to herself. Triston was alternating sitting on the couch reading Harry Potter and helping Jordan put away dishes that were too high for him to reach, and Jordan was emptying the dishwasher.. How the HELL did it all unravel in under a minute!??!

And here I thought it'd be so nice to pee by myself. *eyeroll*


And now, for your viewing pleasure.. A very old blog I have to pull from the archives and share. This was July 2009.

The difference between boys and girls.

This is how the conversation went..

T. "Mommy, how come Faith doesn't have a bladder?"

Me: "Faith has a bladder"

T. "No she doesn't, only boys have bladders."

Me: "Everyone that pees has a bladder"

Quiet, while I ponder his statement.....

Me: "Triston, did you mean penis? Why doesn't Faith have a penis?"

T. " I dunno. What's a penis."

Me: *pointing in the general direction* "You know, your dinger"

T. "Ooooh. Yeah. Why doesn't Faith have a penis?"

Me: "Because she's a girl"

T. "Oh, because she's.. 'different'"

(meaning because she has autism)

Me: *trying so hard not to laugh* "No, just because she's a girl, boy parts and girl parts are different"

T. "Why don't girls have penises?"

Me: "Because then we wouldn't be girls, we'd be boys"

T. "Oh, so you are all.. 'different'"

*yes he did air quotes*

Me: "Yes son, boys and girls are ALL different"


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