Sunday, October 7, 2012

I need an extra day of the week.. Or a clone of myself.

There's just not enough days in the week.. 
I'm up to my ears in school work that needs to be read through and graded.. 
And school books, and teacher's editions of said school books.. 
And making next week's schedule up.. Luckily I have like 2 months worth of spelling/vocab words figured out. heh.. *sigh*

I had stuff around the house I wanted to get to this weekend. Deep cleaning, if you will. But who am I kidding? I really didn't want to do that crap anyway!

  Two day weekends are too short.. 
Saturday I'm spent and can barely get ANYTHING done, not to mention I'm out of patience with the monkeys.. 
Sunday I have church and scheduling out the yin-yang.. And you know, I'd like to find some time to spend with the husband-guy. Considering he's at school 5 days a week, when he comes home he has homework, and at least one day of the weekend he's stuck with homework. (If not all weekend)..

I wish we could go on a date with husband-guy.. Or hell, I wish I had time to paint my toenails! Take a hot bath without someone knocking on the door because they have to pee and I locked my bedroom door.  O.O
I need an extra weekend day.. call it.. Catchuponyourshiturday! It would be like the monday of the weekend.. but that's ok. I'd be able to get caught up on all this stuff I have to do!

Back to grading papers. -_-

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