Sunday, July 11, 2010


I don't usually write poetry, it's not my thing. But I couldn't get these words out of my head.

Your face, your smile.

Transcend space and time.

It takes me back to another place.

My youth.

Which now seems like a distant dream.

When future had no meaning.

And we could live in the moment.

Such peace and tranquility.

To live without grownup fears or responsibilities.

How I long for those days.

And, how you can, so quickly, take me back.

With a glance,

a flicker in time.

I am young again, and so alive.

No weight left on my shoulders.

And, though, it's only for a moment.

Once again I am free.

At total peace.

How I wish I could stay here forever.

Living as the memory of who I was,

that you, still, hold so dear.

Long past, tucked away,

safe in your heart and mind.

Where I am to stay, evermore.

What joy I have knowing I can come back

and re-visit this place.

Every-time I see your smile.

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