Sunday, July 11, 2010

Random-ish thoughts on Autism

There wasn't really an "AHA" moment.. I always knew something was different about my son... In my heart I knew.. Some mothers feel as though their child reached a certain age or certain milestones and was "taken" from them by autism. My son was not like that. He didn't suddenly regress. He was born this way. It wasn't the result of the MMR shot, or any other vaccine, as so many mothers have experienced (Due to thimerisol and mercury) He was born different. Not broken. He doesn't need a "cure" nor does he need to be "fixed" he's just different. I just hope I can get more people to understand and be accepting that these kids don't all want to be "cured" since there is nothing "wrong" with them. Life would be easier? Maybe. But does a left handed person want to be "cured" so that they can learn to write and cut like right handed people? No.. They can do the same things as "rightys" they just do it differently...

Not to say that people are wrong for wanting what is BEST for THEIR children! I do not look down on ANY parent that is trying to help their child! If Chelation, OT, ABA, Epsom Salts, Speech therapy, medication, etc, etc ,etc is what you want to use to help your child then BY ALL MEANS HELP YOUR CHILD!

I'm not an "end all, cure all" type of person. I don't believe in ANY one cause or solution for Autism. That is what I, and I emphasise I, believe. I'm not saying I'm right, wrong, or indifferent. Nor would I EVER say ANY parent is wrong for what they believe. We're all in this together REGARDLESS of the path we took to get here. We each have to find our own way to our destinations as well. From time to time our paths will meet. We'll have the same obstacles to overcome, we'll share in the same joys and sorrows. We must remember that we're walking side by side with each-other, we shouldn't step on each-other along the way.

Just my thoughts for tonight.

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